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AC Inverter Drives - Toshiba

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Toshiba: VF-S15 / VF-S15S | 0.2kW to 15kW From £171.00

Toshiba: VF-S15 / VF-S15S

Toshiba VFS15 / VFS15S

Sensorless Vector AC Inverter Drive.

Ultra compact design, high levels of functionality and ease of use

Dynamic automatic energy saving for fans and pumps.

15kW on three-phase supplies.

2.2kW on 240V single phase supplies.

Toshiba VFS15 / VFS15S AC Inverters are equipped with a high attenuation EMI noise filter as standard.

Available in an IP54 totally enclosed box for use in severe installations and enviroments subject to water and dust.


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Toshiba: Tosvert VF-PS1 | 0.75 to 630kW From £656.00

Toshiba: Tosvert VF-PS1

Toshiba Tosvert VF-PS1 AC Inverter

Engineered for energy saving and harmonic regulation on industrial fan and pump applications.

Simple installation and commissioning.

"EASY" key allowing operation of the Toshiba VF-PS1 AC Inverter by eight basic parameters.

All Toshiba VF-PS1 AC inverters have built in EMC noise filters.

VF-PS1 AC Inverters between 18.5kW and 75kW have a built in DC Reactor to reduce harmonics and limit the input current to 110% of the rated output current.


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