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Variable speed Drives, AC and DC Motors — Ex-Ed can supply you with a full range of control systems, installation options and services.

AC Inverter Drives

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Parker SSD: 690 Integrator | 0.75 to 1,000 kW From £0.00

Parker SSD: 690 Integrator

Parker SSD Drives AC 690

Formerly the Eurotherm Drives 690P or SSD Drives 690P AC Inverter.

High performance Flux Vector AC Motor Controller.

Multiple communication and control options.

Exceptional dynamic performance.

Demanding applications.

Three phase (380-500V) from 0.75kW to 1000kW.

Single phase (220-240V) from 0.75kW to 2.2kW

Replacement for the obsolete Eurotherm Drives / SSD Drives 584SV, 620ADV, 620COM and 620STD.

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Parker SSD: 650 | 0.25 to 7.5kW From £0.00

Parker SSD: 650

Parker SSD Drives AC 650 Inverter.

Formerly Eurotherm Drives 650 AC Inverter.

Simple open-loop ac motor controller.

7.5kW on 400V three-phase supplies.

1.5kW on 230V single phase supplies.

Parker SSD Drives AC 650 Inverters have integral EMC compliant filters as standard.

Obsolete product. Contact us for alternatives.

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Parker SSD: 650V | 0.25 to 110kW From £0.00

Parker SSD: 650V

Parker SSD Drives AC 650V Inverter.

Formerly Eurotherm Drives 650V AC Inverter.

Ultra-high torque sensorless vector control.

Fully configurable Function Block Programming.

110kW on 400V three-phase supplies.

2.2kW on 230V single phase supplies.

Parker SSD Drives AC 650V Inverters rated at 7.5kW or less have integral EMC compliant filters as standard.


Obsolete Product. Contact Us For Alternatives

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Toshiba: VF-S15 / VF-S15S | 0.2kW to 15kW From £171.00

Toshiba: VF-S15 / VF-S15S

Toshiba VFS15 / VFS15S

Sensorless Vector AC Inverter Drive.

Ultra compact design, high levels of functionality and ease of use

Dynamic automatic energy saving for fans and pumps.

15kW on three-phase supplies.

2.2kW on 240V single phase supplies.

Toshiba VFS15 / VFS15S AC Inverters are equipped with a high attenuation EMI noise filter as standard.

Available in an IP54 totally enclosed box for use in severe installations and enviroments subject to water and dust.


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Toshiba: Tosvert VF-PS1 | 0.75 to 630kW From £656.00

Toshiba: Tosvert VF-PS1

Toshiba Tosvert VF-PS1 AC Inverter

Engineered for energy saving and harmonic regulation on industrial fan and pump applications.

Simple installation and commissioning.

"EASY" key allowing operation of the Toshiba VF-PS1 AC Inverter by eight basic parameters.

All Toshiba VF-PS1 AC inverters have built in EMC noise filters.

VF-PS1 AC Inverters between 18.5kW and 75kW have a built in DC Reactor to reduce harmonics and limit the input current to 110% of the rated output current.


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