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Sprint-Electric 200XLV DC Thyristor Drives

Sprint-Electric 200XLV DC Thyristor Drives

DC Motor speed controller up to 100watts, 2Amps

Online Price from £110

The Sprint-Electric 200XLV will motor and brake in both directions of rotation and operate from a single polarity supply, either battery or unregulated DC source.  Offering high bandwidth and a superbly linear, noise free output, the 200XLV is ideal for control of linear actuators.

Excellent performance allows the 200XLV to meet the most demanding of applications, and the extensive specification includes many standard features not normally associated with a drive the size and cost of the Sprint-Electric 200XLV.

The compact design allows the 200XLV to be mounted on a back panel or DIN rail, and with all the connections being made to the front access, plug on, screw-terminals installation is quick and easy.

Fully EMC compliant and CE marked, the Sprint Electric 200XLV is a tiny but powerful linear DC motor speed controller. Its low cost and high specification, together with the flexibility provided by the many user configurable parameters, makes it highly attractive to OEMs, particularly those involved in the manufacture of security and other equipment requiring accurate control of low power DC motors.


Sprint-Electric Sprint-Electric 200XLV

Code: Sprint-Electric 200XLV
Notes: Low voltage controller. Servo performance, DC supply.
Output Current: 2 A
Shipping Weight: 0.4 Kg
Quantity: 1

£110.00 + VAT

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Technical Specification

VOLTAGE LIMIT:           For DC motors with maximum voltage rating from +/-6V up to +/-48V

CURRENT LIMIT:            0 to +/-2 amps continuous, +/-3amps peak.

INPUT SUPPLY:              12 to 48V DC, +/-25%.
                                         Current = I armature +100mA.

PRESETS:                        Max speed limit
                                         IR comp  0 to 6 ohms

REFERENCES:                 Precision current limited voltage references +10V, +5V,  5mA max

SPEED INPUTS:              Differential inputs.  300k Ohms input impedence.
                                        Will accept speed demand inputs +/- 5 volts or +/- 10 volts

CONTROL ACTION:       P, P+I, or PID, armature, tacho, or position feedback.

PROTECTION:                Thermal protection by automatic power limiting.                                                                               
                                       150% current limit with inverse time re-settable trip.

Product Dimensions

Model H mm (in) W mm (in) D mm (in) Weight (Kg)
 Sprint-Electric 200XLV 82 (3.2) 40 (1.6) 50 (2.0) 0.4

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