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Sprint-Electric 370 DC Thyristor Drives

Sprint-Electric 370 DC Thyristor Drives

Single Phase Non Isolated 1Q Panel Mounting DC Motor Controller

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Sprint-Electric 370

Small footprint DC Motor speed controller for permanent magnet or shunt wound motors up to 0.55kW.

AC input supply selection for mains voltage compatability.

Easily adjustable parameters for minimum and maximum speed, armature current, acceleration rate and IR compensation.


Sprint-Electric Sprint-Electric 370

Code: Sprint-Electric 370
Notes: NON ISOLATED COMPONENT 240/110Vac (0.25KW at 90Vdc)
Output Current: 3.7 A
Phase: 1
Nominal Power: 0.55 kW
Shipping Weight: 0.3 Kg
Quantity: 1

£102.00 + VAT

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Technical Specification

These models are non-isolated components.

Please obtain expert help if you are not qualified to install this equipment.  Make safety a priority.

This component is hazardous.

AC Input Supply:                          110V AC or 240V AC +/-10%, 50–60 Hz.

Maximum Armature Output:     200 Volts DC.
                                                        3.7 Amps continuous
Field output:                                 0.5 Amp at 0.9 x AC supply voltage
Speed Range:                              0–100%. (motor dependant)

Speed regulation:                       Typically 0.1% tachogenerator,  2% Armature Voltage feedback

Speed Loop:                                 Full P + I Armature voltage feedback

Current Loop:                              Full P + I Current shunt feedback

Customer Presets:                    Maximum Speed    (Max spd)  40 to 200V (armature volts or tach feedback volts)
                                                       Minimum Speed     (Min spd)  0 to 30% of maximum speed
                                                       Ramp                        (Ramp)  20 to 1 seconds up ramp rate
                                                       IR compensation    (IR comp)  0 to 30%
                                                       Max Current              (I max)  0 to 100% current limit.

Product Dimensions

Model H mm (in) W mm (in) D mm (in) Weight (Kg)
 Sprint- Electric 370  100 (3.9)  100 (3.9)  42 (1.7) 0.3

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