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Parker SSD HTTL Encoder Feedback Technology Box Encoder Feedback Options

Parker SSD HTTL Encoder Feedback Technology Box Modules

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The HTTL Speed Feedback Option allows incremental encoders to be connected directly to the motor controller to provide highly accurate speed feedback measurement.

For use with Parker SSD Drives 690P AC Inverter frame sizes C - J.



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Code: 6054-HTTL-00
Previous Code: 6054/HTTL/00
Notes: Suitable for use with Parker SSD 690 AC Inverter frame sizes C - J
Shipping Weight: .200 Kg
Quantity: 1

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Technical Specification

• Contains up to four optically isolated differential inputs on channels A, B, M and H
• Decoding logic to interface the encoder to the microprocesso
• Supplies variable voltage, isolated encoder power supply

Maximum pulse rate   250kHz
Receiver current   < than 10mA per channel
Input format   Two channels in quadrature, clock  /dir or clock only
Phase displacement   > than 1µs
Input voltage   10 - 30V differential recommended, or single-ended
Encoder supply   Maximum load = 200mA or 2W, whichever is smaller.  Voltage adjustable approximately 10-20V by firmware

Recommended cable:   Pairs individually screened.  Belden 8777 or equivalent.



Product Dimensions

Frame H (in/mm) W (in/mm) D (in/mm) Weight

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